New Flying Competition 2025

Competition Announcements

Finally we can proudly announce the fifth NEW FLYING COMPETITION!

This time the NFC25 is dedicated to the topic of environmentally friendly flying. The participating aircraft should be characterized by two core aspects in order to provide relevant solutions for aviation. Firstly, efficient aircraft with electric propulsion systems should be developed and secondly, the aircraft should have a
large payload volume. For manned aviation, this volume could represent passengers or large hydrogen t anks, for example. Both are characterized by a high volume rather than a high load.
The aim of the NFC25 is to allow as many teams as possible to participate and to encourage a wide variety of aircraft concepts and configurations. For this reason, there are only a few restrictive requirements in the task definition. For example, the aircraft configuration, the aircraft size and the geometry and mass of the payload can be chosen freely.


We will answer frequently asked questions here. If you have a question, please check this section first to see if it has already been answered. If not, you can send us an e-mail with your question:

List of Team Members at Registration

Can new members join the team after registration?

Yes, new team members can join the team after registration. Until the member fee is paid (April 30, 2025), the team list can be adjusted as needed.

Autonomous Flying (NFC Competition Task - Section 4.2.7)

1) What exactly is „autonomous flying“ as prohibited by the rules here?

2) Is it allowed to control the aircraft from a ground station using a GUI to perform certain maneuvers (rather than „hand-flying“ them)? For example, clicking a button that will make the aircraft perform the high-G maneuver then return to level flight.

3) Is it allowed to enter waypoints into the GUI for the aircraft to fly to, rather than ‚hand-flying‘ the aircraft there? For example, entering a flight path into a GUI that the aircraft will then fly by itself.

1) An aircraft is flying autonomous if there are no inputs from the pilot or a predefined flight route needed. In other words: „The plane makes its own decisions.“

2) and 3) The mentioned points fall under automatic flying and are therefore permitted. In case 3) consult the organizing team about the route before the competition starts.

Involvement of Sponsors

To what extent may sponsors / supporters participate in the manufacturing of the aircraft?

The structural and aerodynamic components must be manufactured by each team itself. The same applies to the final assembly of the aircarft. There are no restrictions on the involvement of sponsors regarding the wiring looms, for example.


Competition Task v1.2 (.pdf)

Rules of the New Flying Competition (.pdf)

Scoring Calculator (.xlsx)

PDR Example (will be published soon)