New Flying Competition 2018


1. BUT Chicken Wings, Technical University Brno

2. U-fly Aerodesign, UNAQ Queretaro, Mexico

3. NPU Innovation, Xi’an China

4. HAWings, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences



Competition Announcements

Location Update

Last Friday some members of the NFC Organization Team visited the airfield of “LSV Groenhoff e.V. Stade” flight club. They gave us a great behind-the-scenes tour and we were able to watch the traffic at the private airport for a while.

We are happy to announce that this awesome location is going to be our venue for the flight day of the New Flying Competition!🤩✈️

We hope your model airplanes are progressing nicely!

The airfield can’t wait for your planes – and so do we.

The official registration is over and we would like to present the teams who have applied:

At first, there is the team „NPU Innovation“ from the Northwestern polytechnical university xi’an china! We are very happy to welcome the team once again at our competition!

Next up, we would like to welcome the team „BUT Chicken Wings“ from the Czech Republic. The team belongs to the „Brno University of Technology“ and is experienced in model flying competitions.

Going on in the list of „newcomers“ for the New Flying Competition we would like to introduce the team „AMEA“ from Azerbaijan. The team’s name refers to their university „Azerbaijan national academy of sciences“.

As the fourth participant, we can announce the team „U-Fly Aerodesign“ from the „Universidad Aeronáutica en Querétaro / UNAQ“. We are proud, that the story about our competition made its long way to Mexico.

Last but not least, we welcome the team „HAWings“ from the „HAW Hamburg“. Once again they decided to take up the challenge of the New Flying Competiton.

We wish all the teams the best of luck and hope for an exciting competition with lots of innovative and creative engineering!


Thanks to our generous sponsors we can officially announce that there will be a prize-money pot of at least 6000€ for the New Flying Competition 2018!

We are grateful to be able to offer the competing teams such an attractive prize and hope to encourage even more teams with this exciting novelty.

So if your team needed a little bit of extra motivation to compete in the New Flying Competition – here you go!

As always we will happily answer any questions concerning this or any other topic.


Since there have been a few requests by teams from South America and India, we decided to officially extend the registration period. We are sure this will make the competition even more exciting, cross-cultural and versatile!

In addition to this there are new dates for the Preliminary Design Report and the final payment, in case your team chose staggered payment of the entry fee! The dates DO also concern teams who have already registered!

Here is an overview of the new dates:

Submission of the PDR:

  • from 18th of December 2017 to 7th of January 2018

Final Payment of the entry fee:

  • from 18th of December 2017 to 7th of January 2018

As usual – if there are any questions feel free to ask them right away!


1. You need to fill in the official registration-form

2. The team size is limited to 10 official members (including an optional PhD-student). A supervising professor/mentor does not count as an official team member.

3. Shortly after your registration you will receive a confirmation via the e-mail addresse you stated in the registration

4. After the end of registration-period you will receive an invoice for the basic entry-fee which has to be paid 14 days after the invoice has been sent. The sum indicated on your invoice will depend on what kind of payment you chose (staggered or entirely).

As usual you can always ask any question via Facebook, our website or via the registration-form.

Finally we can happily and proudly announce the second NEW FLYING COMPETITION!

The central element of the competition will be to build a model aircraft with a fully automatic wingspan-extension concerning the requirements of the parking position (80m x 80m x 80ft) at the aerodrome´s terminal on the one hand and to fulfill the demands of a highly performing and at the same time energy-efficient aircraft on the other hand.

If you are interested in taking part in the competition please have a look at the Rules of the New Flying Competition 2018. Afterwards we would be happy to receive your registration.


Competition Task

Report Content and Layout Guidelines